Marketing Strategies in 2022

2022 has finally arrived, and with it closes a year of successful economic reactivation for the vast majority of the world’s countries, since many jobs lost during isolation could be recovered and, if trends continue, the pre-pandemic levels of the economy will return sooner than expected. many think.

Marketing, without a doubt, is going to be one of the great guarantors of the above statement, because through taking advantage of both the circumstances and the nostalgia of the old normality to be able to increase the demand for services of various kinds by people. Next, we are going to narrate two effective marketing strategies for this 2022.


Billboards for retirement businesses

Billboards, which are those large signs that can be seen on avenues, particularly near traffic lights, have proven to be an effective way to advertise various types of businesses, especially to attract the public at the local level.

Among all the types of companies that can be advertised through billboards, retire in Baja California seem to be the ones that have the best performance, precisely because many seniors are not as familiar with social networks, Internet and other digital communication media as if younger people are, therefore, it is easier to attract them as customers through conventional means.

Similarly, physical mail ads, flyers, and even national and cable television commercials can be appropriate media for promoting these retreat centers. Analyzing the target audience is the best way to capture their attention!


Digital ads for health

Health businesses, unlike retirement centers, have a clientele of all ages, therefore, it is possible to use digital media more frequently for marketing purposes or take advantage of them simultaneously with traditional ones. in order to attract as many customers as possible.

Dental braces in Tijuana are one of the most requested procedures in 2022, precisely because many of the children who were born in the mid and second half of the 2000s have reached puberty and adolescence, which certainly increases the demand for this kind of treatment.

Because these people are very familiar with technology, the use of digital marketing is essential to be able to promote yourself, we guarantee that the demand will not stop rising!

As you can see, the marketing strategies that will prevail in 2022 are almost completely related to the behavior of the masses during the year to come, as well as the trends that may exist regarding the demand of people for certain products or services. Are you ready for a second year of economic recovery?